Requirements & Guidelines

ASAA & MEHS Athletic/Activity Eligibility

1.      Academic Eligibility for Competition Home or Away

All students must meet minimum ASAA eligibility requirements before they can participate in an ASAA sanctioned activities offered by MEHS.

2.      Enrollment Responsibilities

All students’ enrollment fees to the school district must be paid

3.      Scholastic Eligibility

All students must maintain a minimum overall Grade Point Average of 2.0 in all classes and no more than one ‘NC’ or ‘I’ to be eligible for the next semester.

Students having more than one failing grade or lower than a 2.0 from the prior semester are declared ineligible for the following semester for the first grading period. (Spring semester grades will affect fall semester eligibility) Ineligibility as a result of one failing spring semester grade will begin the first day that practice begins for the fall sport in which the student plans to participate. The student will be ineligible for competition and travel the first four weeks of the fall semester season.

Students with one or more failing grades will begin their ineligibility on the first school day following eligibility check.

Game/event ineligibility will run for one week (from Monday to Monday.)

If eligibility is not regained during that next week, the student remains ineligible until the Monday following the next eligibility check date.

Only students who are academically eligible shall be allowed to travel with or represent the team during home or away contests.

Coaches/Advisor will submit an official list of competing student/athletes to the Athletic Director the first week of the season.  The Athletic Director will inform head coaches of any student athlete listed on their rosters who has an ASAA TAD violation on record.   It will be the Head Coaches’ responsibility to revise and update the official list as student/athletes are dropped or added to the program at all levels. (V., JV., & C).

Athletic Director will send eligibility list to all teachers on Sunday so that all will receive it by Monday morning of each week.  Athletic Director will run academic eligibility grade check utilizing the teacher grade book on-line system for each team.

Teachers who have Student/Athletes listed with an NC will be asked to verify the student/athlete grade is accurate.  The list will also be forwarded to the Academic Principal.

Student/athlete will have until Wednesday of that week to raise the grade above an NC and overall G.P.A. to at least 2.0.  If the grade is not raised, he/she will be declared ineligible for one week (Monday to Sunday). Student /athletes may attend and participate in practice sessions while in the process of regaining academic eligibility. This will be a coach’s prerogative.

Culminating event policy:  The Athletic Director will initiate a final grade check one week prior to travel for the team’s culminating event.  The final grade check will be five school days before the event begins.

Student may have a 65% or higher in only one class and show that they are working to their potential to participate in culminating events.

In the event of a mitigating circumstance, administration may approve an additional grade check 3 days prior to travel date for culminating activity.

Travel Eligibility

•To be eligible for travel, all school fees and fines must be paid in full before a student will be considered eligible to travel.

•Students who do not follow the MEHS Travel Policy may lose travel eligibility, may be immediately sent back to MEHS and may be responsible for the cost incurred.

Dual Participation Rule

Dual participation requires prior agreement between coaches/sponsors.

 Boarding School Transfer Rule:

Students who transfer to a boarding school at the beginning of a school year, or from a boarding school at the end of a school year, will be eligible for inter-scholastic participation at the new school as soon as properly certified. Students who transfer to or from a boarding school during the school year shall be ineligible for Varsity, State Qualifying and State Championship interscholastic participation the remainder of the school year.  Students who live with coaches are ineligible (see Section 5, C). At schools with no sub-varsity teams, the student could ask for a waiver to participate on the varsity team during the regular season, but would not be able to participate at either conference or state tournaments.


4.43 MEHS Student Travel

As a residential high school, student life at Mt. Edgecumbe involves travel.  Students travel between their home communities and Mt. Edgecumbe at the beginning and end of each school year; students also may travel for a variety of school-related activities and field trips.  The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities, costs, and procedures associated with student travel. These guidelines are designed to minimize costs and ensure student safety. 

School Sponsored Travel (Activities, Field Trips, NYO, etc.):  School sponsored trips are typically booked as part of a group rate in order to minimize expense.  Because of this booking method, students are not permitted to make changes or variations to their travel unless extraordinary circumstances arise.  MEHS is responsible for students during school sponsored travel, and students are required to follow the Mt. Edgecumbe Code of Conduct during such trips.   

All students who participate in school sponsored travel are required to travel according to the ticket issued to them.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of future school sponsored travel opportunities.  Occasionally, parents or guardians may be present at a school sponsored activity, such as a Region or State tournament.  When present at one of these events, parents or legal guardians may check out their student at times not in conflict with school activities.  Permission from the coach or chaperone is required.  No overnight absences will be permitted.  Students who do not follow these guidelines risk losing the opportunity to participate in the school sponsored event.

Eligibility to Travel on a School Sponsored Trip:  For any student to be eligible to travel on a school sponsored trip, they have to be a student in good standing.  This means that students must be academically eligible as well as have their student fees and fines paid in full.

Non-School Sponsored Travel (Independent Travel, Emergency Travel, Etc.):  Before a student may travel for non-school sponsored travel, written authorization from their parent or guardian, in the form of a Student Absence Notification Form (obtained from the Mt. Edgecumbe office); must be received by the dorm or academic secretary. Authorization must be received by accompanied by the student’s travel itinerary, and contact information for the student during the proposed travel.