Outdoor Activities



The best way to see Sitka is on the trail.  Whether you want to climb mountains or check out some of our beautiful easier trails, rec staff will take you there.  We offer weekly hikes on various trails of varying difficulties.  Sign up for hikes now and hopefully by your senior year, you will have the opportunity to climb to the top of Mt. Edgecumbe volcano.


The other best way to see Sitka is by water! MEHS owns a fleet of kayaks and takes students regularly afterschool and on the weekends... as long as the weather cooperates. In the Spring, we try to plan an overnight camping trip to some of the beautiful islands in the area.



After a long week of studying hard it is important to take a break and unwind. What better way to relax then with a camping trip with your friends? We take camping trips during the warmer months to several of the cabins near Sitka.

And Much, Much More!

Biking, softball, snowshoeing, capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, trail running, polar plunges, sledding, ice skating, and so many other outdoor activities! Our rec staff loves to be outdoors and wants to share our enthusiasm with our students. We are also always open to suggestions, so feel free to find a rec staff and share your idea.