Mt. Edgecumbe High School COVID Mitigation Plan

Plans are updated twice a year and will include a date of last update.

 Smart Start Plans for the Year (final update September 2023)

Provide us input through the link to the MEHS 2022-23 COVID Plan Feedback Form

Data and Current Situation

Current campus COVID data (updated January 2024)

Thank you MEHS Family for all your partnership in making school a success despite a pandemic!
As a residential school, we continue to maintain illness mitigation plans that keep our students learning and healthy.

The MEHS Administrative Team collaborates with our MEHS Health Clinic to ensure we stay current with all CDC guidelines and recommendations.


Covid funds are used to advance our goal to provide inperson learning that is uncompromising on: 
1. Learning
2. Relationship
3. Safety

Click Here for a summary of our Covid Funding Plan Summary.
For detailed information, you may also access the state system for COVID funds using the Public Access portal.
Directions for Accessing COVID fund plans