two female students working at a table togetherMEHS provides an engaging learning experience that extends beyond the school day.  Students are provided rigorous core courses along with with many extended core classes and electives to choose from.  Learning continues in the residential setting with a wide variety of recreational activities, academic supports, and a structured yet family-style living environment where students learn skills that last a lifetime.

What does MEHS offer?

+ a comprehensive high school program in a traditional setting

+ expanded educational opportunities that capitalize on our unique surroundings, university and private partnerships, leadership potential, and student interest and needs

+ recreational learning opportunities and life skills lessons within the dormitory setting

+ opportunities for students to honor, learn, and share cultural knowledge and experiences with each other

+ opportunities for students to learn and practice safe and healthy living

+ opportunities for students to discover their potential, set goals for the future, and become prepared for post-secondary plans
Student snorkeling in ocean with a starfish in hand
What to expect at MEHS:

committed and engaged students

high expectations for learning

Adults get to know you well

friends from around the state that are both similar and different from you

Lot of options to try new things and experience adventure