The Application period for the 2024-2025 school year will open January 31, 2024 and close June 15, 2024.

Please read the Application Information Letter linked near the bottom of the page prior to beginning the application.

Application Checklist

A completed application will include three distinct components.  Please be sure to follow up on educator assessments, transcripts, and test scores to be sure they are received.

Component 1: Submitted Application
This will be completed as an online application and includes all information completed by applicant and parent. 

Student Statement.  This portion must be completed by the student and should represent the student's own voice, please put a great deal of thought and time into your student statement.  The student statement is part of the application and not a separate component.

Parent Statement.  A parent or guardian, not the applicant, must complete this portion.

Component 2:  Educator Assessments (minimum of two) Electronic Version (will only be accepted from a district email)

It is the applicants responsibility to get at least two educators from their home school to complete a recommendation form.   Above, in the Admissions page, you will find the Educator Assessment page. Direct Educators to this page for the online assessment or you may provide them with a paper copy to scan and send back.

 Component 3: School Records

Applicants must request their home school to send a current report card through semester 1 of current year or a transcript for high school transfer applicants.  MEHS cannot do this, we will only request records if an applicant is accepted.  For the purpose of this application, grades must be requested by the applicant/parents.  

  Academic Scores

Applicants must request their home school to send most recent MAP (NWEA Measure of Academic Progress) scores.  If your district does not administer the MAP test, please submit the most recent PEAKS assessment results.  11th and 12th grade applicants are encouraged to send ACT or SAT results if available.  MEHS cannot do this, we will only request test scores if an applicant is accepted.  For the purpose of this application, scores must be requested by the applicant/parents.  

Application Records Request
Use the above form to request grades and academic scores from your school. This must be done by the parent, MT. Edgecumbe will not request records for the application purpose.  Please do not submit your request form, this form is supplied as a courtesy so help you make your request to your current school.  

An application is not complete and will not be reviewed until all three components are received. 



Application Information Letter

Challenge yourself!
Explore your talents!
Develop your dreams!
Have fun!

   Applications are only for a current year.  Students who have applied in past years, but were not accepted, will need to complete a new application for the next school year



If you have questions please contact Marni Bauder at 907-966-3277 or by e-mail [email protected]