Course Requirements

MEHS is proud to offer a comprehensive high school program enhanced with tremendous opportunities for enrichment in STEM , liberal arts, and career education.

Students are encouraged to draft a rigorous pathway through required and elective classes and customize their education to fit their individual needs and selected career goal.

Graduation Requirements represent the minimum for graduation.

All students are guided to select and complete courses that meet one of the two Alaska Performance Scholarship requirement options, and all students are encouraged to take at least one credit in each of the core content areas each year. 

Explore available courses below, or click here for a one page summary of offered courses.

R*=specific course is required unless substitute is approved;
R=may be used to meet required content area credits;
E=may be used to meet required elective credits;
SR*= may be approved as a substitute for a specific requirement, course requires placement
A= course applies to Alaska Performance Scholarship
C=industry certificate available
D=dual college credit available