Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from MEHS a student must earn 24 units of credit designed to meet or exceed the minimum state graduation requirements set out in 4 AAC 06.075.

Students are expected to select a pathway that meets an option for the Alaska Performance Scholarship.  The 24 total required credits for graduation from MEHS include:

Dept Alaska Performance
 Social Studies Path
Alaska Performance
Math & Science Path
 English  4  4  4
 Social Studies  4  4  4
 Math  3  4  3
 Science  3  4  3
 Technology  2  2  2
 Wellness  1.5  1.5  1.5
 World Language  2  1  1
 Electives  4.5  3.5  5.5
Total 24 24 24

Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students

Students entering MEHS later than freshman year will have a transcript review.  For these students, equivalent courses may be approved to meet requirements and an adjustment may be made in required electives credits if student's prior school offered less than 7 credits/year.

Transcript evaluations of transfer credits will be at the discretion of the academic principal.

Definition of Unit of Credit

The term “unit of credit” shall have the definition given in 4 AAC 06.075(e), i.e. the credit that a student is awarded for achieving a passing grade in a course of study by meeting the performance standards for a course of study prescribed by MEHS and approved by the State Board under policy 5.2 of this manual.