Please email your child's Christmas travel itineraries to [email protected] 
The dorms close on December 17 at noon and reopen on January 8 at 5 pm.  


MEHS provides transportation to students at the beginning and end of each school year. Travel dates, schedules, and airlines are selected by the school to get the best fares and to enable students to arrive in Sitka or leave for home at the appropriate time. Changes to school funded tickets are not allowed.

The vast majority of our students travel through Anchorage on their way to Sitka. MEHS staff provides assistance to students in the Anchorage airport and travel with them from Anchorage to the school. Most students are also traveling from regional hubs with other students from their area. You and your child will receive specific travel directions with your ticket, including 24-hour phone numbers you can call in case of any difficulties or emergencies.

Student travel costs and ticketing for the midyear holiday are the responsibility of parents. We urge you to make reservations for holiday travel early in the fall. Flights fill up fast for holiday travel, and students will want to remain at the school through the end of classes in December and return on time at the end of their midyear break. 

  •      It should be noted that many students will pressure their parents to allow them to leave early for the winter break; similarly, many will make plans to arrive back at school in January a week or more late.  While this may on occasion be unavoidable due to special family plans, experience over the years shows that students who miss their final exams or postpone finishing their class projects in December have a difficult time getting good grades in the classes they miss.
  •      In nearly all cases, teachers do not give final exams early.  There is thus a five- to six-week break from when a student last was in class until the time he/she makes up the final exam or completes the project.  As a result of this long time span, most students who extend their winter break see their grades suffer as a result.
  •      Similarly, classes start immediately in January with challenging required work.  Students, who are late more than a day or two, often find themselves way behind in their work for second semester when they get back and have a difficult time catching up.  Students only have 10 school days from the beginning of the second semester to complete any missing work from first semester.
  •      Therefore, it is highly recommended to make travel plans for winter break as soon as possible so as to make sure the student is present for as many scheduled days as possible both in December and January.
  •      MEHS is on the block schedule. One day absent here is like two days at any other school. Thus one week of missed classes is like missing 10 days at any other school.

If a student decides to leave school before completing the school year, parents are responsible for paying transportation costs home. The same rule applies to students who are suspended from school for serious violations of the school's Code of Conduct.


MEHS Student Travel

As a residential high school, student life at Mt. Edgecumbe High School involves travel.  Students travel between their home communities and MEHS at the beginning and end of each school year; students also may travel for a variety of school-related activities and field trips.  The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities, costs, and procedures associated with student travel. These guidelines are designed to minimize costs and ensure student safety.

School Sponsored Travel (Activities, Field Trips, NYO, etc.):  School sponsored trips are typically booked as part of a group rate in order to minimize expense.  Because of this booking method, students are not permitted to make changes or variations to their travel unless extraordinary circumstances arise.  MEHS is responsible for students during school sponsored travel, and students are required to follow the MEHS Code of Conduct during such trips.

All students who participate in school sponsored travel are required to travel according to the ticket issued to them.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of future school sponsored travel opportunities.  Occasionally, parents or guardians may be present at a school sponsored activity, such as a Region or State tournament.  When present at one of these events, parents or legal guardians may check out their student at times not in conflict with school activities.  Permission from the coach or chaperone is required.  No overnight absences will be permitted.  Students who do not follow these guidelines risk losing the opportunity to participate in the school sponsored event.

Eligibility to Travel on a School Sponsored Trip:  For any student to be eligible to travel on a school sponsored trip, he/she has to be a student in good standing.  This means that students must be academically eligible as well as have their student fees and fines paid in full.

Non-School Sponsored Travel (Independent Travel, Emergency Travel, Etc.):  Before a student may travel for non-school sponsored travel, written authorization from  his/her parent or guardian, in the form of a Student Absence Notification Form (obtained from the MEHS office), must be received by the dorm or academic secretary. The written authorization must be received by fax or mail and must be accompanied by the student’s travel itinerary and contact information for the student during the proposed travel.  Travel authorizations sent by e-mail or over the phone will be accepted only in extraordinary circumstances.  Such rare exceptions can be made only by the Academic or Residential Principal.

Medical Travel:  If a student has to travel for medical reasons, the school will provide adult supervision for the travel to and from the appointment.  Some MEHS students are covered by Denali Kid Care, which will cover the costs of travel for covered students as well as for an escort. 

MEHS will work with students and families to ensure that a student receiving extended medical treatment is provided with support and supervision.  If a student chooses to travel unaccompanied for medical reasons, written permission will be required. 

Suspension Travel: If a student violates the MEHS Code of Conduct and is suspended or expelled from MEHS, parents are responsible for the costs of the student returning to their home community and returning to MEHS (at the end of a short-term suspension period).

Transportation To and From Sitka (Start and End of School Year):  MEHS provides transportation for students from their home communities to MEHS at the beginning of each school year and from MEHS returning to their home community at the end of the academic year.  Travel dates and schedules are selected by MEHS in order to minimize costs, to minimize travel time, and to ensure timely student arrivals and departures.

It is strongly recommended that students and their families refrain from making changes to the itineraries booked by MEHS.  Traveling on the original itinerary allows MEHS to provide supervision to students from the time they arrive in a major airport (usually Anchorage) until they arrive at MEHS and vice versa on their trip home at the conclusion of the academic year.  Students are required to remain with, and follow the instructions of MEHS chaperones when provided.  Parents will receive specific travel instructions with their tickets and are required to report travel problems or delays to the 24 hour number provided. 

Students and parents who elect to make changes to original itineraries must promptly inform MEHS of these changes.  Students traveling on alternate itineraries are not guaranteed any level of supervision during their travels; parents who allow their children to travel on an alternate itinerary assume the responsibility to provide any travel supervision they deem necessary.  These students are to abide by the MEHS Code of Conduct at all times during their travels.  Any violations of MEHS Code of Conduct and/or travel issues related to supervision while in Anchorage may result in discipline and/or denial for re-admission to MEHS.

Variances in Student Travel:  When MEHS books student travel, the school assumes responsibility for the cost of the booked ticket and supervision of the student traveling on that itinerary.  If a variance in booked student travel is requested by the parent, approval has to be secured from MEHS administration.  If approved, then the parent is responsible for all change fees and added costs, is required to provide notice of the student’s amended itinerary and plans to MEHS, and is responsible for his/her child until he/she returns to MEHS.

Transportation at Semester Break and Other:  All students are required to return home over winter break due to the dorms closing down.  Student travel costs and ticketing for the winter break are the responsibility of parents. We urge you to make reservations for holiday travel early in the fall. Flights fill up fast for holiday travel, and it is in the best interests of students to remain at MEHS through the end of classes and to return to school promptly after winter break.

If a student decides to leave MEHS before completing the school year, parents are responsible for paying transportation costs for the student to return to his/her home community.  

Consequences for Travel Issues:  Students who travel on school sponsored travel are viewed as representatives of MEHS and must conduct themselves accordingly. The MEHS Code of Conduct applies to all students at all times while traveling. Students will be subject to disciplinary action for violation of travel guidelines and rules including curfews, housing assignments, and ferry policies, as well as for insubordination and violations of MEHS policies or the law.  Violations may result in the student being disciplined and/or a denial for re-admission to MEHS.